Thursday, December 11, 2008

Transferring Water? Easy!!!

Believe it or not, around 1550 BC, geniuses roamed the earth! The Egyptians thought of so many amazing ways to transfer water from the Nile, it was crazy! For example- the Shaduf (pictured left) was an invention that anyone could use! All that you had to do was pull a rope and- wah lah- water was being scooped up and transferred up a hill. Some other genius ideas that the Egyptians thought of were to have multiple shadufs in a row, transferring the water up a high hill- like a team! The Shaduf was not the only invention though! There were also these huge screws that would literally "screw" the water to the farmer's fields, called the Archimedes Screw! Both of these inventions are even used today, along with the modern pumps.


  1. When we were learning about this in class i thought it was a pretty cool invention.
    Also how we still use some of them today is pretty cool. I dont think I knew about the screws. I think the Egyptians were pretty smart for having multiple shauduffs in a row.

  2. Shaduf is a very funny name! But that is very clever and sounds like that would work quite well!