Sunday, December 14, 2008

Swamp, Desert? Hot, Cold? Smooth, Rough?...

The northern and southern parts of the Nile (lower and upper) have two, totally different climates! The northern is a dry, hot desert (pictured right). It can reach 120 degrees, and it rarely has rain! On the other hand, the southern is more moist, also since it is near Ethiopia.

Do you know what Suddi, Sudan is like? Well, lets just say, it's the world's LARGEST SWAMP! Didn't you always think that the Nile River ran through miles, and miles, and mi... of desert?

There is no way to describe the Nile, I think that it is amazing! There are cataracts, almost like waterfalls, lakes, swamps, and much else. Cataracts are places where water forces itself through rock and causes rapids. (upper left picture)


  1. I like how you have two pictures to go along with your topic in your post. It describes and helps paint a picture of what your talking about. Good job on describing the post. I like the name of the post to it seems interesting to read about.

  2. That is very interesting about the to different climates! I really do wonder why that is!