Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adios Floods!

Oh no! Take cover! The flood season is coming!
Actually, the Egyptians WANTED the flood! Sound Crazy? Well every year the Nile River would flood when it rained in Ethiopia- no its not Utopia, its Ethiopia- and leave very, very fertile soil along the Nile's basin. No wonder the Egyptians had amazing crops! Soon this was about to change...:-(
In 1902 the Aswan Dam was built to prevent big floods and control the water levels. The water levels were so controlled that the farmers could plant crops ALL YEAR LONG! Sounds great, huh? Well, after the construction was done, something else was created that caused major problems...
The second largest man made lake in the world! This lake flooded villages and destroyed ancient temples! Still agreeing with the builders of the dam? On top of that, some farmers and their crops are suffering because the flood isn't as effective anymore!

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  1. Good job on your information here.If it were up to me I wouldnt want the Aswan Dam to be built there. Do you think the farmers would move because of the Aswam Dam being built there? Do you think they should of had a vote for the Aswan Dam to be built like today were we can vote to have a new road built or recovered?