Monday, December 15, 2008

How Many Debens Do You Got?

Let's see, what is the main source of transportation for Egypt? You guessed it, the Nile! Most Egyptians in ancient Egypt lived along the Nile because it served as, transportation, irrigation, and the main source of water. Think about what's in the water, what goes in the water, and what is around the water, (try not to throw up in your mouth), that they DRANK!
Trade with Nubia, their neighboring country, was so important that they built a canal to make it a quicker journey! Jee- I wish I had a canal going to my neighbors house! Also, when it came to making boats, they were very skilled. They would build the boats out of bundles of reeds tied together, and, I know, this sounds fake, but they floated really well! Out of plants! That shows you the genius in them.
When the Egyptians were trading along the Nile, they needed a way to measure the value of their products, so they used... How many debens do you got?


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  2. i LOVE your voice in this!!

    you did really good!!!!

  3. MAIN SOURCE!!!!!! OF WATER!!!??? girl you are right that is disgusting... i might die of hydration lol i would deffinately not drink that! Well maybe if i had to:)